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Boudoir Photographers Orlando | Photographers Brian Pepper & Krysten Boudoir photographer Krysten  decided to put down the camera last week for her very own Boudoir Photography Session here at our Downtown Orlando office.  Krysten Marlette has been part of our team now for a couple years shooting and assisting however more recently started doing boudoir sessions for us.   We get the call all of the time from our Brides looking to do a Little Black Book wedding gift for their husband to be however with our team being being primarily made up of guys we always just referred it out since many brides are not comfortable in that type of shooting environment. Krysten now plays a key part allowing us to offer these sexy sessions to our brides so they can be comfortable.  If you are interested in having your own session and  knowing Krysten’s next scheduled boudoir day please contact us at or call us at (407)504-7377



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