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Brian Pepper | Photographer & Owner

From the early age of ten I have always known I wanted to be a business owner. My mother can vouch for me, since she was the one driving me around town for supplies for the crazy business ideas I would come up with. I had no idea what business venture would become my career until it fell in my lap 13 years ago. When attending a long time friends wedding, I was approached by the mother of the bride. With a panicked look on her face, she asked if I had my camera with me. As it turned out, the wedding photographer was a no show and they now needed someone to document the wedding. I think at this point I was more nervous than the groom. Two weeks later I provided the bride and groom with their photos. They were so happy to have them and couldn’t thank me enough. The happiness I saw on their faces made me realize the business I wanted to be in. From there, I went on to working for a division of Kodak where I worked my way up the ranks. For half my career with Kodak I was the National Training Manager where I provided training in photography, sales, guest service and management to the Kodak Management team photographers and clients in world class destinations such as Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood & Orlando, Sandals Resorts, Niagara Falls, San Diego Zoo, Parrot Jungle and hundreds of others. From there I moved on to Project Management where I was responsible for designing Kodak Digital systems based on our clients needs’. I was also responsible for designing the retail areas such as counters and even sometimes entire buildings to house studios, offices and, of course, the digital imaging systems. During my career at Kodak not only was I building my skills, in my off time was pursuing my dream shooting weddings ,corporate events, and headshots whenever I had the opportunity. January 2007 was the changing point in my career where I had the opportunity to leave Kodak thanks to the growth of Digital Imaging Direct’s repeat client base. Thanks to my team, I have the opportunity to provide memories to my clients on a daily basis. I also get to see the happiness and appreciation on my clients’ faces which, of course, is the entire reason I chose this career and built Digital Imaging Direct Inc.

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